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Fishing Guide Biesbosch is the place to be!



“What a day in such a beautiful landscape, and great catches too!”  – Marc

Big zanders for Marc!


“A day with Johan in the Biesbosch is a great experience”  – Richard

Richard with his personal best catfish


“What a boat to fish from! And happy with my wive’s record pike!”  – Peter

A meter pike for Maureen!

Fishing Guide Biesbosch is the specialist of the Netherlands for fishing in the Biesbosch National Park and the surrounding waters Amer, Haringvliet, Hollandsch Diep and Nieuwe Merwede. From the green labyrinth that is the Biesbosch, to the fast-flowing Merwede, and the large bodies of water that are the Haringvliet and Hollandsch Diep: They all have their own character, and have in common that they host a large amount of game fish. Our target species are northern pike, zander and perch, with a good chance of catching asp and wels catfish as well. All species can reach formidable sizes in this area, due to an excellent environment when it comes to biotope and food sources.

Visgids Biesbosch is the Pelagic Sharpshooting specialist of the Netherlands. We adopted this rather new fishing technique from Sweden in an early stage, and the results are remarkable! Many of our guests have already caught the fish of a lifetime on board of our boat! 

Pelagic Sharpshooting is a very active way of fishing, where we target the biggest fish in the water. With our unique Garmin LiveScope system we search for big predators in the whole water column, and target them accurately with our lures. There is no more efficient way to target big fish in a minimum of time than Pelagic Sharpshooting. Target fish are (very) big zander, large pike and wels catfish.

As a guest, you are in safe hands! You will board an excellent Orka Blackfish 500 tournament boat, powered by a strong, 60 BHP Mercury outboard engine, and equipped with two depth sounders (with the brand new Garmin LiveScope system), comfortable seats on airride-pedestals and a Minn-Kota I-Pilot trolling motor. Of course, all safety measures are fitted, like a fire extinguisher, self-inflating lifejackets and a first aid kit. We have all materials (i.e. rods, reels and lures) available at no additional cost for our guests to use, and we can arrange licenses for the day if you don’t have a Dutch fishing license. Our rods and lures are provided by Quantum Fishing / Van Pelt Hengelsport, so you will always fish with the most recent materials available on the market.


Your guide

Your guide for the day is Johan Struwe, a well-known and fanatic tournament angler who’s daily life consists of nothing else but predator fishing. Together with you as a guest, he will strategize the fishing day, depending on weather circumstances and the season. Johan will gladly share his knowledge and experience with his guests, making sure they will get the best possible result out of the day, whether it matters catching fish or experiencing nature.

Biesbosch National Park can provide both aspects, with an abundance in game fish, but also in indigenous wildlife! Beside catching fish, you’ll have a fair chance to come eye-in-eye with amongst others deer, fawn, eagle and other birds of prey. A unique experience!

The total cost of a guiding day is 350€ all-in. This includes fuel- and harbor costs, all materials and lures (we don’t charge lost lures) and the guide’s services. Fishing permits can be purchased for an additional 10€ per day. We can accommodate two guests on board.


Book your unforgettable trip!